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Established in 2002, Calico is based in Cape Town and designed by Haylette Contogiannis.


My designs are known for soft dressing, with classic romantic silhouettes. It is timeless in design, however very much on the cutting edge of style and current fabrications.


I find inspiration in dressing  women beautifully expressing the exceptional qualities in them. I dress women with multi faceted lifestyles and the designs endeavour to dress them for every occasion with understated sophistication. Women that love, and desire to wear designs by Haylette understands and relates to the European flair it carries. I am captivated by the almost effortless, understated yet beautifully detailed style of European fashion.


My mission is to create beautifully designed collections that can be dressed up and down by adding different accessories, often provided by Calico, that discerning woman want to wear over and over again.


Woman that are drawn to the creations by Haylette is confident in her own style as well as in the product, she recognises  the class in which the product finds itself, in relation to detail, quality , fabric choice and style. She is not  defined by fashion trends  however is conscious of it, she knows style and wears it with innocent appreciation and understated confidence.


Calico is available Nationwide as I have aligned myself with many exclusive yet gorgeous boutiques and I am now also retailing directly to the public in selected stores. It is a quality product that makes me proud to say it is “ made in South Africa”.


9th Avenue Shopping Centre
Main Road, Walmer
Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape



041 581 8996


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