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Jinger jack styles interlace authentic looks with contemporary fashion at the highest quality. We think with accessories you finish your look, our leather products add that last bit of spice to every outfit.

Why you chose Calyx as a platform to showcase your collections?
  • Calyx is the shop in Port Elizabeth where every sophisticated, style-conscious woman gets the right experience. Either you are looking for a beautiful basic, a designer piece, the right accessories, or a new look, Calyx will offer what you need. The fact that they offer their customers a mix of local South African design and imported designs makes them unique.

Where do you find your inspiration?
  • I get really inspired by the people I see on the streets, I spend quit a lot of time walking around in Cape Town in the authentic areas such as Woodstock, CBD, Kloofstreet, Observatory, etc. I see girls and boys with the most amazing outfits from designer pieces to old vintage items, the colours and styles I print in my mind and from there I develop my collection.

What has been your greatest achievement?
  • Taking the step from being employed to become self-employed, there is always a risk involved starting your own business, but with the right drive and the right attitude you can reach all goals in life.

Which fashion designer do you admire?
  • I really like Ralph Lauren, the sophisticated look with a bit or romance gives the perfect style. Victor and Rolf are two designer that I really admire, both having our roots in Holland is the soft-spot here. I think coming from such a small country and being able to make a name like they have inspires me very much.
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Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape



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