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Our product development is centred on creating flattering garments for real woman. We celebrate youth, but revel in the wisdom and confidence that comes with age. You may not have the same body as you did when you were 21, but you should still look fabulous!
We bring our boutique customer such as Calyx, garments which enhance the figure and flatter a lady’s natural curves. Design, fabrics and prints are carefully selected to create a look which is classy and chique, but never pretentious.

Why you chose Calyx as a platform to showcase your collections?

  • The owners of the Lu Collection place a very high premium on developing and maintaining long term and trusting relationships with our boutique customers. Through Calyx and owner Maryna, we have found a platform which captures the beauty and elegance of our garments and creates an ambience which enhances our brand.


Where do you find your inspiration?

  • My inspiration comes from many things; the idea of limitless creativity, muses, travel, daily experiences, art, nature or any theme or idea that sparks excitement! There is endless inspiration everywhere.


What has been your greatest achievement?

  • Keeping my business afloat through an economic recession, while having two children and supporting my husband through a MBA. It has almost killed me. (lol!)


Which fashion designer do you admire?

  • We admire designers like Kim from Kimbo Boutique in East London.  Kim has a deep understanding of fashion and trends, but always ensures that her own handwriting is visible through her designs. Designers, who create in this manner, will always have a following of loyal clients who appreciate the authenticity.



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